Payroll Processing

When Payroll processes are handled professionally and efficiently, salaries and wages can be paid on time and void of any mistakes. Sometimes handling payroll processes in-house can become a mammoth task that takes key-role staff members away from essential/core tasks and responsibilities.

By definition, payroll processing is the administration of all employee’s financial records. The process includes calculating, monitoring, and paying out of salaries, wages, deductions, and bonuses. It also includes ensuring that employee tax is accurately calculated paid over to SARS.

What We Offer

Our payroll division was started with the express aim of providing a benchmark payroll service that outshines the rest. To this end, we endeavour to ensure that all of our payroll management and supporting staff members undergo regular and ongoing professional training. Our teams complete both local and international training courses, to ensure that our knowledge and skills remain cutting edge.

How We Help You

With modern business having moved to the outsourcing of non-core functions, the outsourcing of payroll too has become a powerful tool in the business armory of successful organizations.

With our expert knowledge of payroll functions, we are able to cater to all types business, from small start-up businesses to large corporate organisations. We can effectively cater to the complexities of multi continental payrolls with their attendant tax and statutorily complexities.

Our Payroll Services Include

  • Accurate and efficient weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and Bi-monthly payroll processing
  • Processing of Standard, Executive and job costing payrolls.
  • Calculation, reporting and submissions of statutory employer taxes.
  • Processing of South African, Singapore, UK and USA payrolls.
  • Enterprise level payroll solutions, priced to fluctuate with your business.
  • Payroll advice

Payroll Process FAQ’s

If you have some questions regarding our payroll processing services, feel free to ask! But first, check our FAQ to see if you can find the answer you need here.


Is payroll outsourcing more expensive than keeping it in house?

In some instances, outsourcing your payroll functions can be a bit more expensive than handling it in house. It’s important to consider the value for money that such a professional service offers your business though. Salaries and wages account for around 60% of a company’s total outlay and without the correct knowledge and expertise to ensure that this expense is calculated, managed, and monitored carefully, costly mistakes can be made.

Why outsource your payroll?

Oversight and human error account for a large number of payroll errors. When you outsource your payroll functions to us, you get peace of mind. You also have access to a wide knowledge base and experts with extensive experience in the field. Outsourcing your payroll functions will eliminate the costs for payroll software, updates, registrations, and maintenance. You can also eliminate the need for recruiting a knowledgeable payroll clerk.