Labour Outsourcing

Labour outsourcing is a strategic way to gain competitive advantage in your industry. Outsourced labour can help your business in the following ways:

  • Reduce costs – outsourcing allows you to significantly save on costs as you won’t have to pay salaries and perks.
  • Enhance your business focus – handing over time-consuming tasks to outsourced labour provides time for you to focus on core tasks and responsibilities.
  • Enhance critical and core operations – labour outsourcing allows your business the opportunity of enjoying services from highly qualified professionals that you otherwise would not have been able to afford/find.

What We Offer

Labour Outsourcing, despite legislative challenges, remains a viable, efficient, cost-effective staffing solution. Our unique model offers a “best of both worlds” solution. We ensure limited liability on one hand for the employer, balanced with an awareness of employee rights on the other. This makes for effective outsourcing.

How We Help You

We provide a range of turnkey solutions tailored specifically to the client’s requirements. All of our clients have the advantage of enjoying a stable, non-disruptive workforce.

The implementation of an effective outsourcing solution is simple and uncomplicated.

Apart from the daily placement of staff according to clients fluctuating requirements, we specialize in long term outsourcing.

Our Services Include

  • Complete end to end payroll management, and access to our patented EDMA system
  • Establishing harmonious labour environments due to our employee management process.
  • Establishing harmonious labour environments due to our employee management process.
  • Site management, interfacing daily with staff handling everything from recruit to dismissal.
  • HR services, understanding of the companies culture to enhance the organization.
  • Trouble-free and engaged labour is our assurance to our clients.

Labour Outsourcing FAQ’s

Have some questions regarding our labour outsourcing services? First, see if you can find the answers here. If you can’t, contact us for further assistance.


Is outsourcing banned?

No, not at all – the constitutional court rules that during the first 3 months of employment, the outsourcing company is liable in terms of all labour legislation. Thereafter, the outsourcing company has a contingent liability in the respect of the Labour Relations Act.

Why is outsourcing such an emotive topic?

Labour outsourcing causes a stir because there is the perception that workers who are outsourced longer than 3 months are not permanently employed and are paid less. Unless workers are on a justified fixed term contract that lasts longer than 3 months, they automatically become permanent employees after 3 months and must then be paid accordingly.

Can a outsourced worker be dismissed without a proper procedure being followed?

No – outsourced workers enjoy the exact same legislative benefits as any other worker. If a company wishes to dismiss outsourced labour, there is a process to follow.

Why outsource ?

Human Resources Managed is somewhat of a specialised skill. At EDMA Services, we have the tools and skills required to manage labour as an integrated part of our client’s businesses. We can do this more efficiently than our clients can as labour management is our core focus and business. Outsourcing labour ensures the right candidates are placed, the work is carried out efficiently, and that business processes run smoothly while saving you money, time, and frustration.

Can outsourced be happy?

Definitely! In certain circumstances our clients are audited by internal auditors and staff report deep contentment and satisfaction. They are treated fairly, remunerated fairly and on time, and have ready access to raise issues. They also have access to our employee hotline.

Some auditors have noted this as an unusual fact and we have found that they engage with us at length to find out what our labour management “secret” is.