Business Administration

Having all of your business administration tasks handled professionally and with meticulous care by an outsourced team allows you to focus your attention on the core aspects of your business. Why spend time and money on recruitment, employment contracts and possible hassles along the way, when you can outsource the functions to us and have complete peace of mind? Many businesses, large and small, are opting to outsource their business administration today.

What We Offer

Our business administration service, is a complete outsourced support service function. We can handle all administrative tasks from company registration to general administration, human resources, payroll processing, bookkeeping, and financial management. If it’s considered “business admin”, we can handle it for you.

What We Offer

While we take care of your business administration, you can focus on selling your products and services, ensuring that your daily operations run smoothly, and attending to other core aspects of your organisation.

You won’t have to waste time finding and training staff or dealing with other staffing issues along the way.

We are fully flexible and always willing to work with you in the most productive way possible.

Our Services Include

  • Company registrations, including annual tax filing and employer tax registrations.
  • Bookkeeping tasks including invoicing, debtors, creditors.
  • Basic administration, B-BBEE and Equity assistance.
  • Human resources, including WCA submissions, IOD administration, contracts of employment, disciplinary processes, and CCMA claims.
  • Payroll processing, including employer tax calculations and submissions.
  • Financial Management.

Business Administration FAQ’s

Have a few questions regarding our Business Administration service? Check the following FAQs to see if you can find the quick answer here. If you can’t, feel free to contact us with your questions.


Will I lose control of the business if I outsource?

No, it’s exactly the opposite. Outsourcing is not about giving away control of the business. It’s about focusing your attention on the vital core elements of the business (the aspects that you are good at), while letting the professionals handle elements of the business that you are not good at. Allowing the experts to handle various processes within the business allows you to achieve efficient and profitable success. This too lends itself to your business becoming a market leader in a shorter space of time.

What happens if the business grows?

While outsourcing is most often done by start-up, small, and medium businesses more frequently, this doesn’t mean that it’s limited to such concerns. Even large corporations can benefit from outsourcing. When your business grows and expands, your outsourced support services can merely grow and expand with your business. Why should your business model change when growth is achieved? Why change a winning formula just because of growth? Business growth is good and EDMA Services would love to grow with your business.

Why Outsource business administration tasks?

Business administration is not just one task. It is a process that’s made up of a number of complex tasks. If these tasks are executed correctly, they can become the backbone of the business’ success. Outsourcing these tasks to professionals, who have gained wide knowledge and expertise because of the problems that have faced in various fields and industries, stands the business in good stead. The business will have a diversified approach to problem solving and be capable of reaching deadlines and targets under pressure and time crunches.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of outsourcing specific business tasks to a third-party service provider. This often includes tasks such as payroll processing, human resources, accounting, legal services, and so on. If you outsource any of your business functions to a third party, your business is actively involved in Business Process Outsourcing.