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payroll processing

Payroll Processing

Outsourcing your Payroll functions allows you to take full advantage of the process. We provide our clients with accurate & efficient Payroll processing services to ensure that salaries and wages are carefully calculated and paid on time. Any payroll disputes and discrepancies are professionally handled by our team of experts.

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labour outsourcing

Labour Outsourcing

Let us know what your labour needs are and we will provide you with a solution that’s tailored to your specific requirements. The outcome is a non-disruptive, stable and satisfied workforce that’s ideal for all parties. Any labour disputes can also be professionally managed by our team of experts.

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Business Administration

We provide complete outsourced support services for businesses. This include company registrations, tax returns, bookkeeping, BEE compliance, HR, Payroll, & financial management. By outsourcing these functions to us, the business can focus on other essential core tasks

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business administration

Industrial Relations

While you understand the core functions of your business, you might not know precisely how to manage & control your workforce. We combine tried & tested industrial relations skills, principles, & techniques with many years of experience, to ensure that your workforce is stable & productive.

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industrial relations
Human resources

Human Resources

We manage the entire lifecycle of an employee with an organisation. From ensuring job descriptions are correct to recruitment & even handling disputes – we do it all. Ensuring that each individual within the business is performing is the main aim of our human resources function. By outsourcing your HR functions to us, your business has the opportunity to grow and be free from staffing issues.

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CCMA Resolution

CCMA Resolutions

CCMA claims lodged against your business can get costly, especially if you lose. We offer effective representation and consulting on CCMA cases. We can handle the entire process and therefore positively influence the outcome. Our sole objective is to win. For cost effective and painless CCMA resolutions, trust our experts.

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Contracts & Agreements

We draw up binding employment contracts, agreements, & policies that are compliant with legislation and in the best interests of your business. Contracts & agreements form a fundamental element of any contractual/employment relationship. Make sure that they are carefully crafted first time around by outsourcing the task to us.

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Contracts and agreements