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With the right business software products, you can run all departments of your organisation efficiently, seamlessly, and accurately. Software products can also ensure that your business is always compliant with legislation and industry regulations.

What We Offer

EDMA Services offers a comprehensive business management solution designed by industry specialists to manage human resources, time and attendance, leave management, multi-level job costing, planning and scheduling, health and safety, stores, and finance.

EDMA is a web-based application available world-wide. The application incorporates unique integration with other business management solutions. It provides users with interactive dashboards, mobile app functionality, and enabling divisional managers with mission critical information at their fingertips. This helps decision makers to make informed business decisions on-the-go.

How We Help You

Most businesses run multiple software products to manage various processes with little integration. These systems require a lot of manual data manipulation for reporting and business process reviews which takes up valuable time and can fall victim to human error.

The EDMA solution offers a comprehensive system that incorporates many aspects of business. It provides a global management tool that can be customized and further enhanced by integrating with other 3rd party software applications. The software is able to provide data rich company information at any time.

EDMA enables companies to review company, employee, job costs, and project costs too. It also allows companies to consider employee attendance, production output, efficiencies, stock, and costs of project utilities. It thus provides management teams with the ability to interact and pro-actively manage their business units or projects.

Key Features

  • 100% Cloud based solutions
  • Multi-user system management
  • A team of experienced consultants in each field
  • Android & IOS applications to work on the go
  • On-line, interactive client dashboards
  • Choice of service level agreement
  • Real-time detailed reporting
  • 24/7 User support

Our Software Products

Employee Management

Keeping track of employees throughout their lifecycle with the organisation is essential. It’s important to have an employee’s details available in an instant. Our Employee Management software creates a comprehensive and interactive database for managing and monitoring all skills-related and personal information of each employee. This includes skill certificates, inductions, and various other documents.

Human Resources

Managing your most valuable asset – your people – is essential to the success of your business. Keeping a detailed record manually can become challenging. Our Human Resources software is designed to facilitate the implementation of appropriate human resources policies and processes. The software simplifies the recording of employee skills management, talent management, training, disciplinary management, leave tracking and management, and even legislative reporting.

Time & Attendance

Keeping track of an employee’s time and attendance is essential if you want to avoid the possible headache that payroll processing can provide. Time and Attendance is at the core of the payroll process. By tracking shifts worked, schedules, leave taken and owing, allowances, and similar, payroll can be accurately calculated and salaries and wages paid on time. Our Time & Attendance software makes it easy to capture and track the entire process. It makes use of biometric technology combined with access control, which not only accurately tracks hours worked, but also ensures security for your business.

Planning & Scheduling

Jobs and projects must be tackled by employees with the right skills and valid certifications. They must also be completed according to schedule and on time. In order to ensure that this is possible, planning and scheduling needs to be done across the business. Our Planning and Scheduling software makes it possible to quickly and easily create, plan and schedule employees with jobs and projects. The software allows users to do more than just plan shifts. Shifts can be planned while also monitoring and managing over and costs. Employee leave can also be viewed on a planner to simplify leave scheduling and boost overall performance.

Job Costing

In order for the business to be profitable, job costing must be meticulously and accurately carried out. With our Job Costing software, users can plan and manage costings on multi-level jobs. The software allows for integration with other modules including payroll, finance, and stores. This allows for error-free cost-efficiency. The software seamlessly incorporates rate schedules, direct employee costs, and indirect employee costs. Detailed reporting and user-friendly interactive dashboards make it possible for users to instantly review job statuses and associated costs.


Use our Stores software for a comprehensive overview of stores inventory and stock costs. This software simplifies the process of inventory management. You can also keep track of all tools and equipment allocated to each job. Stores and stock can be effectively monitored and managed while considering maintenance schedules, usage, and condition tracking.


Compliance in terms of health and safety is absolutely essential in the business environment. Our SHERQ/EMQHS software makes it possible to effectively manage health and safety information for employees as well as contractors and service providers. With this software, users can ensure the correct administration of medicals, inductions, certifications, and company/client/industry policies. This software offers interactive reporting and also creates and manages project site files with risk assessments provided online and at the operation site. Detailed records of roll calls and toolbox talks can also be kept.

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