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Employee Retention Strategies that Work

Losing a skilled member of your workforce is a nightmare. The hard work of recruiting the right replacement must now begin. You must also pay careful attention to how other staff members react to this employee’s departure. Oftentimes, when your best employee leaves, a number of others follow in their footsteps. Because of this, employee retention strategies should be a number one priority for you. And it all starts with employee job satisfaction.

With the right employee retention strategy, you can reduce staff turnover, boost productivity (and thus profits) and ensure a harmonious working environment. And that means no more nightmares for you!

So, how do you go about it? The first step is to take a walk in the shoes of your employees. Try to conjure what their concerns and needs are, and soon you will be on the right path. We have found that most employees feel satisfied when:

  • They are being remunerated fairly and have company benefits.
  • They feel appreciated and valued in the workplace.
  • They are treated fairly and prioritised.
  • They are challenged and excited in their position.
  • They feel they are a good fit for the position and with the team.

Find some key strategies to address all of these concerns and ensure employee retention for your business:

  • Provide sufficient orientation
    While throwing someone in the deep end sometimes works, in most cases it’s a recipe for high staff turnover. All staff members should be provided with proper company orientation so that they can learn the ropes and about the culture and goals of the business, before their responsibilities grow.


  • Match newbies with mentors
    Starting an in-house mentorship program can help new staff members feel as if they are learning valuable skills and techniques – and they are! By pairing a new staff member with a company veteran who can answer questions, train and provide general assistance, you will be helping with the overall integration process.


  • Compensate above and beyond
    Yes, minimum wage is in place, but it shouldn’t be the goal. If your business can afford to, make sure that your staff members are provided with attractive salaries, bonuses, health and retirement benefits, and more. This is a fantastic way to show an employee that you value them.


  • Recognise and reward jobs well done
    A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected of them. If an employee reaches a goal, or completes an impeccable job/project, reward them. It can be a dinner out, a gift card, a day off – anything that makes them feel special and appreciated.


  • Promote a work-life balance culture
    It’s normal to want your staff members to work hard, but it can’t be all about work. If your staff are working late nights and early mornings, encourage them to take time off when they can and promote the concept of family and rest time too.


  • Educate and train
    Keep employees “current” by expanding their knowledge and skills along the way. Look into training programs available within your industry and offer employees the option to attend them.


  • Deal with change and discipline effectively
    If problems crop up in the workplace, you need a clear process to follow. If processes are followed, there’s no room for anyone to feel as if there is a personal vendetta against them.


  • Encourage team work
    Set team goals in place and allow everyone to contribute ideas and thoughts. If everyone feels included, they will work harder and feel as they are an integral cog in the business processes.


  • Automate staff processes
    Want to ensure that accurately calculated salaries are sent out in time? Ensure that you have a Payroll system in place and that any staff queries and issues can be dealt with at one central point. Outsourced HR services can do this for you quite effectively.


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